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sustaining human, animal and environmental vitality
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Vital Living, LLC is committed to making available the very best products for a vital and sustainable world. We have researched the highest quality and most effective products available that enhance vitality and sustainability for human, animal and environmental health.

trellisAll life on earth, whether human, animal or the other realms of existence are in a constant state of evolution and change. Most farmers, fishermen and people who derive their livelihoods from our living earth have a special awareness of, connection to and respect for our living earth. The cycles of life and the constant dance of change governs their responses in interacting with this sacred system of life.

In many ways we humans, the animals and the earth herself and all realms of life have been stressed and are out of balance and are no longer sustainable unless we bring ourselves back into balance and vitality. To maintain our viability we must be in coherence with the natural world and with each other.

There is a universal law that speaks to giving and receiving and, knowing that all life is connected, we maintain our business ethics and operations grounded on this principle. We operate in gratitude for all we receive and are committed to giving back to assist in the healing, enhancing and sustaining of all life. Vital Living is committed to making butterflyresources available from its profits to support and sustain a local Vermont non profit 501(c)( 3) educational and charitable organization Awakening Sanctuary ( Awakening Sanctuary has a mission dedicated to the education and support of individuals, families and communities through the development of tools, products, processes and principles (see Ceres Project, Living Well-community care home for elders & Vermont Playback Theater at that support, enhance and sustain all life.

Each purchase you transact with Vital Living and our partners will contribute not only to your well being but also to the well being of individuals, families and communities around the world.

We are grateful for your support and would invite and encourage you to consider supporting the work of Awakening Sanctuary ( with a tax deductible contribution, gift or energetic contribution of your choosing.






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