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 "A Food of the gods
for the whole world"

"I believe you should give
the body all it needs and
it will easily take care
of any kind of problem...
Vita Biosa should be on
everyone's breakfast table...
It's part of basic nutrition."

– Dr Carsten Vagn-Hansen
(Commentator on health matters
for Danish radio, TV, and press).



Else Pedersen (not her real name) has at last put six dreadful years of suffering behind her, a period that included the stress of twice having to deal with the prospect of a colostomy.

After three years of constant pain and increasing weakness I was utterly exhausted, and there was no other product except Vita Biosa that could help me."

The illness began at a time when I was working as a personal nurse for a woman who had multiple sclerosis. I caught an infection, which I could not get rid of. Even after a glass of water I had to run to the toilet. Within 10 days I lost about seven kilograms. I no longer had any energy. In between visits to the toilet I often fell asleep. My boyfriend suggested I visit a doctor. After an unpleasant examination I was admitted to the hospital the same evening. More tests finally showed that I had a chronic inflammation of the large intestine, which could only be treated with a medicine that produced unpleasant side effects. I could hardly sleep and had absolutely no appetite.

“After I’d spent about two months in hospital the illness was relatively under control, and from then on the hospital became my second home.

A turn for the better
" Unfortunately I was let go from my job because of increasing absence. For the first time the hospital mentioned the possibility of a colostomy – a suggestion for which I naturally felt a great deal of resistance. Shortly after that I saw the television program on the use of effective microorganisms in agriculture, where a farmer reported on a product that could help piglets as well as humans with infections of the large intestine. I immediately bought a bottle. After the first dose in the morning, I felt no need to run to the toilet. It was only in the evening that I had to go. During the night I slept well, without disturbances. After that, things just moved forward. After the removal of a small tumour, – which had nothing to do with the inflammation of the large intestine – I was asked back to the hospital to discuss the possibility of a colostomy once again. During the conversation I mentioned my taking microorganisms. The doctor was uneasy about these microorganisms, yet still thought it was worth giving them a chance. Three days later I felt not only much better, but also strong enough to cancel the appointed operation. Although I do not drink Vita Biosa daily any more, I always have a bottle standing ready in the fridge. If I’m very busy or if I’ve eaten something I don’t tolerate very well, then I drink Vita Biosa as a supplement with my food. I don’t take any other medication, just vitamin supplements.”

Bedsores and second-degree burns
Crohn’s disease
Colostomy and bowel problems
Diabetes I
Diabetes II
Liver cancer

Prostate cancer
Rheumatism / Psoriasis