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We are delighted to offer you three distinct yet interrelated product lines that represent the very finest quality available and all contribute tremendously to human, animal and environmental health and sustainability. musliThe basis of all these products is grounded in the most fundamental level of life where there are millions upon millions and more of the little critters known as microorganisms. They make up our living earth- they are to be found in our soil, water, plants, flowers and trees, animals, insects, in our bodies, in the air we breathe- literally throughout all life. When these communities of organisms are in balance all life is included and they create and sustain a vital life-enhancing environment. Within this realm , you will also discover the building blocks of all life, the organic trace minerals, amino acids, humic and fulvic acids. These are the food and nutrition that your body uses to keep your cells viable and vital; they provide one of the keys to viable life involving both the neuro-electrical catalyst and the spark that produces all life functions.  Everything in existence vibrates and these products produce a resonance that supports vitality and optimum health. 

If you were to take all of the microorganisms that exist and put them on a scale at one end of the scale- approximately 5% of the organisms are what we could call the putrefactive organisms- their job is to break down life to separate- on the other end of our scale, also about 5% of the total organisms are what we could call- life enhancing or beneficial microorganisms- their job involves enhancing and benefiting life through structure and coherence. Picturing our scale imagine the other 90% of all the microorganisms lying between the two ends of the scales- they are variations of the extremes and will basically follow the leader- If the putrefactive are dominating then the middle 90% will tend to follow- if the beneficial are leading then they will follow the lead of the beneficial ones.  In any location where putrefactive organisms dominate one can find  that disease and illness will be attracted as it is a system broken down and out of balance. Where beneficial organisms dominate we find balance, vitality and health.  While this is an oversimplification it does describe life and the dance between health and illness throughout time and space on all levels of existence, plant, environmental, animal and human systems.  With the pollution of our world, all life, plants, soil, water, animal insect, human suffer.  We are out of balance. – The loss of our honeybees due to parasites, and mites, human and animal immune diseases and environmental pollution everywhere are all testaments to a living system out of balance.

Here in Vermont we have an easy way to tell when the putrefactive organisms are dominating- just drive by a dairy farm on a hot summer day and if you find yourself gagging and holding your nose, you know who is leading in that ecosystem- and that putrefactive led environment provides a breeding ground ripe for attracting disease and illness. Dumps, landfills toxic waste sites all have leadership of the organisms that will allow disease and illness to enter.  That is why, over time, as it rains and these out of balance pollutants are leached into our earth, rivers and lakes, we will have a pollution problem that if untreated will lead to death- of our soils, rivers, lakes, animals and of ourselves.

The beauty of these communities of beneficial microorganisms is that they don’t kill or exclude anything. Even the putrefactive organisms are welcome as long as they join a balanced life enhancing community- if they don’t feel attracted to this they will leave. 

Because the pollution process is gradual we don’t necessarily see it happening. Do you remember the story of the frog and the boiling water? If you have a big pot of water on the stove and it is boiling and you put a frog in it will react and jump out but if the frog is in a pot of cold water and you slowly turn up the heat the frog won’t realize the danger until it is too late.

Thankfully the world is waking up to the condition of our soils, water, air and bodies.