Products and consulting services for nurturing and
sustaining human, animal and environmental vitality
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"A Food of the gods
for the whole world"

"I believe you should
give the body
all it needs and it will
easily take care
of any kind of problem...

Vita Biosa should be
on everyone's
breakfast table...
It's part of
basic nutrition."

– Dr Carsten Vagn-Hansen
(Commentator on health matters
for Danish radio, TV, and press).



- ALEPH (Humic Acid)
- GHIMEL (Fulvic Acid)

Biography of Anae & Joli Campbell

Life is spirit in movement- in ts interaction with matter:

In a recent article from a UK food news organization the headline reads “Plummeting mineral levels suggest nutritional crisis in UK” (
We believe this statement holds truth across the planet where we have over farmed, over applied pesticides and chemically depleted our soils to the extent that the nutritional content of most all food has been depleted.

processed and manufactured food has resulted in increasingly denatured products, with no micronutrients” - Dr. David Thomas from an interview with Food Navigator

Here in the USA, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture has studies that show a 25-80% decline in minerals in the food we eat. Evidence continues to mount across the planet of decreasing nutrients in our soils and in our foods. Theories have been postulated concerning the reasons we see obesity on the rise throughout our population.  One factor seems to be that  many citizens, increasingly, are  eating larger quantities of processed foods (supersize me!) that contain little nutritional value so the body continues to feel hungry and wants to be fed- so we eat more and more, gaining weight, but in truth we are starving for real nourishment.

With increasing pollution, decreasing sources of nutrients and increasing life stresses, it is essential now more than ever that you supplement your body’s cells with a nutrient rich source of food that provides your body and immune system the tools for coping with stress, viruses, bacteria, disease and pollution.

We are made up of billions of cells- in fact our biological life systems came into creation through a process of cellular evolution.  These cells need good nutrition if they are to perform for our highest good. A major function of our cells is to transform food into organic energy, the energy we need to live a vibrant and happy life.