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 "A Food of the gods
for the whole world"

"I believe you should give
the body all it needs and
it will easily take care
of any kind of problem...
Vita Biosa should be on
everyone's breakfast table...
It's part of basic nutrition."

– Dr Carsten Vagn-Hansen
(Commentator on health matters
for Danish radio, TV, and press).


An article from the Danish weekly Budstikken Aabenraa, October 30, 2002.

Vita Biosa gave me a whole new life,” says Ruth Munk, who suffered for decades with arthritis pain and is now fully restored to health. According to Mrs. Munk, her impressive cure after many years of arthritis and bladder infections and the side effects of medication is due to Vita Biosa. The arthritis started 30 years ago and affected all the joints in her hands, arms and shoulders. Later it spread to her hips, and at times to her legs.

I had pains in all of my joints and the worst was that I could not knit any more. Every morning I had to soak my hands in warm water in order to use them at all. Three weeks of treatment at a medical department for arthritis did not help; instead I got an ulcer and had to have medicine for that. It felt like a vicious circle, and finally I agreed with the doctor just to take painkillers – often in the night for the pains in my hips so that I could get some decent sleep”.

Cured after 3 months

When Ruth was feeling really low, rescue came. About two years ago she got to know of Vita Biosa through a friend, and was cured within three months. She tells how this came to pass:

 “I drank Vita Biosa three times daily and at the same time took coralline calcium and Norwegian kelp, both rich in minerals. A month later the arthritis pains were considerably less, and three months afterwards I was a new human being. My entire body revived, and since then I have been free of all arthritis symptoms, stomach pain and bladder infections. There is no sign of tiredness, even though I am very active now with volunteer work from early in the morning until well into the evening. I still take a small amount of Vita Biosa and kelp every morning, but have stopped totally with all other medicines. It has quite simply been a miracle cure.

Bedsores and second-degree burns
Crohn’s disease
Colostomy and bowel problems
Diabetes I
Diabetes II
Liver cancer

Prostate cancer
Rheumatism / Psoriasis