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Terra Biosa creates positive growing conditions for plants by increasing the activity and population of nitrogen-gathering bacteria in the soil. The plants grow larger roots, and at the same time their intake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium rises, which in turn results in higher crop yields. Using Terra Biosa eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. The result is, consumers have access to a healthier life through eating more healthful vegetables, fruits, grains… 

Farming consultants are abandoning their skepticism. Poul Erik Nielsen, a senior consultant in Aarhus, Denmark, has 30 years of experience as an agronomist and is familiar with farmers’ excellent experiences with Animal and Terra Biosa in recent times.

“It works,” he says. “I have to admit this, even though I myself would have sworn against the likelihood only a few years ago. It can alter the decomposition in liquid manure so that it ceases to smell so strong. It can accelerate the decomposition of compost, help in cow milk and reduce problems of salmonella in pigs. The problem is, there is too much cheating going on and we are constantly being presented with new miracle products. But Animal and Terra Biosa are among the two to three products that can really do something.”

Articles about the applications of the Biosa products are frequently published in European scientific and health magazines, health books and daily papers. Even Danish, Swedish and Norwegian radio and television from time to time broadcast stories about users of Biosa products.

In the near future Dr. Bodo Kaun of Darmstadt, Germany, will publish an analogy article about the positive effect on babies of breastfeeding mothers drinking Vita Biosa.

I do hope this information gives you an impression of our products and of what they can do for humankind and for the improvement of our environment.

Yours very truly,
Niels Wandler