Products and consulting services for nurturing and
sustaining human, animal and environmental vitality
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"A Food of the gods
for the whole world"

"I believe you should
give the body
all it needs and it will
easily take care
of any kind of problem...

Vita Biosa should be
on everyone's
breakfast table...
It's part of
basic nutrition."

– Dr Carsten Vagn-Hansen
(Commentator on health matters
for Danish radio, TV, and press).


Through many trials and tribulations, Anae came to this planet into this Quantum Field, to help others. As with many things in life, experience becomes knowledge and challenges become lessons.The steppingstones of life are just that---steppingstones. We can choose to step lightly and make our way safely through the comfort zones or we can tread quickly and dislodge the steppingstones, and say to life..."I AM LIVING IT!"  Anae treads quickly, she runs, she laughs, and she certainly knows when and how to ask WHY? 

Her philosophies are very simple: do what works, do it well, do it often, get what you need too and leave the rest behind, live life rather than life living you, and change the way you see the world and the world changes. She lets the universe guide her and she remembers she will always get what she asks for because the universe is always listening.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, Anae's crystalline blue eyes are the door to the universe. When she works with a person in her practice she hones in on the cause of the effects at hand, she finds the path you are currently on and clearly defines it for you, she helps you find a new or greater path that leads you steppingstone by steppingstone to heal yourself, and she helps you clear away all the garbage that interferes with the garden that is the true you and true purpose of your soul on this planet in this Quantum Field in this here and now! 

Anae has many tools to help you achieve whatever it is that you need to achieve, including, Herbology, Neuro Integration, Biofeedback, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Holistic Living, Alpha-Biotics, and on the list goes.  Anae will help you even if it means helping you find something she knows nothing about (which isn't much) and learning everything she can just so you can better your existence in this "Here and Now."

Anae and her daughter Joli have worked closely together for the last ten years. As Anae's apprentice, Joli has taken the art of transforming traumas into blessings in her own life becoming one of the finest living examples of Anae's work. She is one of the greatest students of her own life that you will ever meet allowing her to see and help alleviate the pain of your here and now and transform it into joy. Joli having the eyes of a graphic designer and artist can serve as a guide through the steppingstones of life, showing you what design your life is taking where it can be repainted, and/or filled in.

Through the work she does she can help you overcome the little things that nag at you or she can help you make the big decisions that are holding you back. She is truly a communicator and she is very apt at showing a person how to improve their communication skills internally and externally. She does this through an innovative new way to interpret astrology and how it correlates with your brain function called You & Your Back-Up Crew. Her tools include astrological chart interpretations for individuals and families, interpersonal
communication techniques, dream interpretation, and Neuro Integration.

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