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Colostomy and bowel problems

On the subject of colostomy and bowel problems, Mrs. Ingrid Merten, of Sempach, Germany, talks of her experience with Vita Biosa.“I wish to express my gratitude for the Vita Biosa herb drink. I have walked a long and painful path. In 1971 I was in a severe traffic accident. The steering wheel broke and caused serious internal injuries.

Following surgery I woke with about 50 percent of my intestines gone.“Cancer surgery in 1997 caused me to lose even more of my intestinal tract, and this time I woke up with a colostomy (construction of an artificial anus). Over the years different efforts to reintroduce a normal bowel were made, in general without positive results, so my bowel continued to cause problems. Doctors’ advice regarding medication didn’t help: I couldn’t tolerate any kind of medication, as they all caused very severe side effects.

I was at my wits’ end.“Since I started drinking your herb drink and at the same time paying attention to cooking less fatty or fat-free meals, my bowel has become exactly right for a colostomy patient. I am very grateful to you for having introduced this effective natural drink to me. Your herb drink does help, and as I am only one of thousands, Vita Biosa does have a bright future. I wish you and your future customers the same positive experience I’ve had with Vita Biosa.”

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