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Liver Cancer

On the subject of cancer and Vita Biosa use, this is a testimonial from Mr. Wilfried Müller, of Hamburg.

“In August 2002, I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver.

Following the recommendation of Mr. Niels Wandler I started to consume Vita Biosa three times a day, before my regular meals. Towards the end of September I commenced chemotherapy, and after consultation with my cancer specialist I continued consuming Vita Biosa in conjunction with the chemotherapy.

“I coped really well during chemotherapy and did not experience any side effects.

“Following the completion of the chemotherapy, I continued with frequent consumption of Vita Biosa. So far, since the diagnosis of my cancer, I have yet to experience any further deterioration in my health, and my overall condition, I must admit, is good.

“When I heard that an acquaintance of mine was suffering from serious prostate cancer as well as poor blood, I told him about Vita Biosa and encouraged him to contact Niels Wandler. Following his consumption of Vita Biosa for two months, his blood improved. After six months, his overall physical health was surprisingly good. He is now able to enjoy the same bicycle rides that he enjoyed before his diagnosis, and is enjoying life again.

“I can highly recommend Vita Biosa to anyone. Also, I would be happy to answer any questions about my experience with Vita Biosa. I am very grateful to have met Niels Wandler and to have regained my good health.”

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