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Biography of Anae
& Joli Campbell



We are delighted to announce that we now have available a line of products that enhance and sustain human, animal and environmental vitality. We have entered into a collaborative partnership with one of the worlds leading manufacturers and researchers of organic, vital and effective microorganism based products from Denmark- Biosa.
In addition to organic healing herbs and plant medicines the Biosa products contain a balanced life enhancing community of beneficial microorganisms that are excellent and effective for maintaining the health of our soil, water, animals and humans.

There is documented science and extreme quality control behind all these products; in fact, some of the toughest regulations for health products are present in the European Union and all the Biosa products are certified organic and safe by the Danish Government and the EU.(check with Niels for any reference needed) The quality and business operations of Biosa are manifested with great integrity and a deep love, respect and compassion for the earth and humanity. Their business model includes a commitment to help those less fortunate throughout the world (get examples from Niels) and Biosa products are now available in over 31 countries.

We are committed to coherence and sustainability and we value the blessing of the partners who are joining us in our work here in Vermont and beyond.

Products bearing the Biosa name have a beneficial effect on the planet and its inhabitants, both human and animal. They contribute to improved health, and they help in safeguarding the environment and in the recycling of natural resources. Directly and indirectly they enhance the quality of soil, water, and air.
History of Biosa

• Vita Biosa - Herb drink fermented by lactic acid cultures
WWW- Biosa Deep Skin Care, with MSM
WWW- Biosa Insect Protection, with Neem Oil
WWW- Biosa Coral Algae Calcium
WWW- Biosa Norsk Tangmehl
WWW- Biosa Himalayan Salt
• Animal Biosa
• Terra Biosa

• Biosa Herb for Horses

WWW- Aleph (Humic Acid)
WWW- Ghimel (Fulvic Acid)
WWW- Zayn
Biography of Anae and Joli Campbell

History of Biosa:

In 1995 Erik Nielsen, Biosa product developer, visited Professor Teuro Higa of Ryukyus University in Okinawa, Japan, where he learned of a complex liquid based on different types of microorganisms. Under the supervision of Professor Higa, that same year Nielsen began a simple form of production of that liquid at his farm in northern Zealand, in Denmark.

Nielsen’s attempts to interest Danish farming researchers in the exciting possibilities of the product met with nothing but resistance. As the Danish University of Agriculture – who would normally be expected to conduct such research – was of the opinion that it was “unscientific” to mix microorganisms, experiments were conducted exclusively through about 800 farmers and gardeners, who used the product in conjunction with their practical production. A few of them were organic farmers, while others owned large, conventional and highly modern farms, where “Eureka!” and “miracle” cures are usually met with skepticism.

Among the farmers doing experiments were pig breeders. Not only do pigs in pens suffepigsr from respiratory problems caused by the ammonium vapours deriving from manure, but pig breeders do as well. The breeders observed the pigs becoming healthier and more energetic after ingesting Erik Nielsen’s mixture, so they started drinking the microorganism liquid themselves.

That observation led Nielsen to begin developing a drink for human consumption. In the spring of 2000 the drink was tested and named Vita Biosa, a new factory was designed, built and equipped to satisfy European regulations, and the microorganisms were approved by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries in 2001 as a nutrient. Because Vita Biosa consists of a complex combination of microorganisms, the Ministry itself supervises production. In Europe Vita Biosa is the only product of its kind granted an official license. Back to TOP

Vita Biosa - Herb drink fermented by lactic acid cultures
Vita Biosa is a uniquely formulated mixture of aromatic herbs and other plants, which are fermented by a combination of lactic acid cultures. During fermentation lactic acid is formed, which produces a low pH value of about 3.5. (The lower the pH, the higher the acid level.) At one point in the process, the aromatic herbs, which cause the lactic acid bacteria to duplicate that much faster, are removed from the liquid, and the fermentation process continues. The low pH creates the proper environment for the coexistence of both anaerobe (not requiring oxygen) and aerobe (requiring oxygen) bacteria, and prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the finished product.

These beneficial microorganisms have been known for centuries from brewing, baking, and so on. The bacteria are selected based on the criterion of their providing the microflora of the intestines with the best possible conditions. Vita Biosa contains a high number of antioxidants.

Today Vita Biosa products are distributed in more than 31 countries.

The reason for Vita Biosa’s great popularity is its ability to quickly and effectively restore the natural balance in the digestive system. The liquid restricts harmful bacteria and thus gives the beneficial bacteria a better possibility to multiply and create healthy intestinal flora. The intestines have a close connection to the entire immune system, which accounts for the strong effect Vita Biosa can have on arthritis, migraines, asthma, lung diseases in general, certain eczemas and infectious conditions. Back to TOP

Animal and Terra Biosa
As antibiotics come to be banned in more and more places, veterinarians and farmers are learning that the use of microorganisms is an effective substitute. 

By using Animal Biosa, breeders have healthier animals and consequent lower veterinarian costs. At the end of the food chain the consumer gets animal products free from contaminants that include traces of antibiotics and salmonella bacteria.

Terra Biosa increases the biological activity of the soil and with that the rate of decomposition of organic materials. The microorganisms in Terra Biosa break down straw, and with the decomposition of this biomass sufficient nutrients are released for the building of new microorganisms.

Terra Biosa creates positive growing conditions for plants by increasing the activity and population of nitrogen-gathering bacteria in the soil. The plants grow larger roots, and at the same time their intake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium rises, which in turn results in higher crop yields. Using Terra Biosa eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, the result is, consumers have access to a healthier life through eating more healthful vegetables, fruits, grains…

herdFarming consultants are abandoning their skepticism. Poul Erik Nielsen, a senior consultant in Aarhus, Denmark, has 30 years of experience as an agronomist and is familiar with farmers’ excellent experiences with Animal and Terra Biosa in recent times.

“It works,” he says. “I have to admit this, even though I myself would have sworn against the likelihood only a few years ago. It can alter the decomposition in liquid manure so that it ceases to smell so strong. It can accelerate the decomposition of compost, help in cow milk and reduce problems of salmonella in pigs. The problem is, there is too much cheating going on and we are constantly being presented with new miracle products. But Animal and Terra Biosa are among the two to three products that can really do something.”

Articles about the applications of the Biosa products are frequently published in European scientific and health magazines, health books and daily papers. Even Danish, Swedish and Norwegian radio and television from time to time broadcast stories about users of Biosa products.

In the near future Dr. Bodo Kaun of Darmstadt, Germany, will publish an analogy article about the positive effect on babies of breastfeeding mothers drinking Vita Biosa.

Biosa for Horses

Horse“Biosaherb® is an amazing strong supporter of the health and well being of your horse.”

Biosa Inc has entered into a strategic alliance with the Swedish Avelle Invest to produce and distribute Biosaherb to the North American market. From their facilities in Vermont and Ontario; Biosa Inc will be able to fully support current NA clients of Avelle Invest and to grow Biosaherb brand awareness.

Biosaherb is a Probiotic based vitality beverage for all types of horses that is quickly becoming the preferred dietary supplement for a horse that has digestive and coat issues or just need a Probiotic boost. It has a cleansing effect on vital organs, strengthens immunities, and promotes general wellbeing - and is completely safe as all ingredients are GRAS listed (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA.

Company Profile
Avelle Invest is an investment company focusing on horses and horse related products. They developed Biosaherb which currently sells in 400 stores across Europe. Avelle Invest is also involved in breeding, training, sponsoring and international jumping competitions, and is a proud partial owner of several of Sweden’s most talented horses. It is safe to say that – the Avelle Invest people know horses!
Luxembourg S.E. as front cover label

Biosa Inc is a ‘bacteria technology’ company focusing on the production and research of microbial solutions. The company is a pioneer in combining microbial fermentation with traditional botanical thinking - a combination that has proved to be greater than the sum of its parts.

I do hope this information gives you an impression of our products and of what they can do for humankind and for the improvement of our environment.

Yours very truly,

Niels Wandler
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In a recent article from a UK food news organization the headline reads “Plummeting mineral levels suggest nutritional crisis in UK” (
We believe this statement holds truth across the planet where we have over farmed, over applied pesticides and chemically depleted our soils to the extent that the nutritional content of most all food has been depleted.

“processed and manufactured food has resulted in increasingly denatured products, with no micronutrients” – Dr. David Thomas from an interview with Food Navigator

Here in the USA, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture has studies that show a 25-80% decline in minerals in the food we eat.
Evidence continues to mount across the planet of decreasing nutrients in our soils and in our foods. Theories have been postulated concerning the reasons we see obesity on the rise throughout our population.  One factor seems to be that  many citizens, increasingly, are  eating larger quantities of processed foods (supersize me!) that contain little nutritional value so the body continues to feel hungry and wants to be fed- so we eat more and more, gaining weight, but in truth we are starving for real nourishment.salad

With increasing pollution, decreasing sources of nutrients and increasing life stresses, it is essential now more than ever that you supplement your body’s cells with a nutrient rich source of food that provides your body and immune system the tools for coping with stress, viruses, bacteria, disease and pollution.

We are made up of billions of cells- in fact our biological life systems came into creation through a process of cellular evolution.  These cells need good nutrition if they are to perform for our highest good.

A major function of our cells is to transform food into organic energy, the energy we need to live a vibrant and happy life.

Products- Aleph, Ghimel and Zayn:

Life is spirit in movement- in its interaction with matter:

In the ancient alphabets the letter Aleph represents spirit and the letter Ghimel represents the movement or interaction of spirit and matter. When our bodies and immune systems have proper nutrients and living water (oxygen and hydrogen) and electrons and we are positive in mind and open to spirit we are capable of healing from illness and creating and sustaining vitality. Back to TOP

Aleph- Humic Acid:

Aleph represents the abstract energy of all that exists and all that does not exist- spirit- the beginning

There is well documented scientific evidence (see: Northeastern University research at ) that for our cells to maintain a vital energetic state of being there are essential components that result from natural decomposition that are necessary- Humic and Fulvic acids.

            “Humic substances are ubiquitous in the environment.  Their importance in agriculture and soil sciences has been acknowledged for over 150 years.” …..recently aquatic scientists are realizing that Humic substances….. “ may constitute as much as 95% of the total dissolved organic matter in aquatic systems and often are equal or greater than the concentration of inorganic ions present.”

A google search on your computer will reward you with an abundance of technical information to the powerful implications for health that Humic and Fulvic acids provide. Back to TOP

Ghimel - Fulvic Acid:

The ancient alphabet letter Ghimel represents the bridge (motion/energy) that communicates or connects- archetypically it represents all movement in spirit filled matter; from which organic life evolves and is sustained.

Fulvic acids appear to sensitize our cells and allow our cells to sustain themselves through a mechanism(still being researched and understood) that allows our cells to communicate their experience throughout our body’s immune system. These Fulvic acid substances activate a unique messaging communication system when they are in contact with living organisms.This communication or stimulation greatly assists our immune systems in keeping our bodies free of viruses and a diversity of pathogens and enhances our ability to maintain and sustain a balanced and vital immune system. Fulvic acids also are intimately involved in our body’s production of macrophages and the T-cells that fight off pathogens such as cancer. It is clear that Fulvic acid is an essential factor in our defense mechanisms and provides our physical system with the essential tools for optimizing our immune system responses and regulatory functions.

WATER- Earlier in our discussions we touched briefly on the importance of water to our health and well being (for a fascinating experience of water visit the fabulous work of Dr. Hiro Emoto at: ). Living water has a beautiful structure and supports our body’s ability to hydrate and assimilate nutrients and expel toxins and waste.   We live on a water based planet, and water that sustains all life is in limited supply and that supply is under constant stress from corporate greed, environmental pollutants and waste.  Our human bodies are fluid systems- approximately 70% water.  Without water life as we know it will not exist. It is essential when working with the Humic and Fulvic acid products that you only use filtered spring water- many of our water resources across the planet, due to questionable sources and pollutants, are treated chemically with poisons such as chlorine and fluoride.  Many of our towns use chlorine to “purify” the water.

Danger of chlorine in relation to humic substances

Chlorine reacts negatively when mixed with humic substances especially fulvic acid, causing the production of deadly carcinogenic THMs and MX.  The water treatment industry has known about this for many years, and because of this they try to remove humic substances from culinary water before treating it with chlorine.  This situation is very well documented. Chlorine is the deadly culprit not the humic substances.

Many companies selling fulvic and humic based products do not know about this problem, and may be extracting their health supplements using chlorinated water.  This presents a dangerous situation to public health.  Futhermore, it is important that health supplements NOT be mixed with or taken with culinary water that could be chlorinated, or with juices reconstituted with chlorinated water.

Chlorine is a deadly chemical, and has the same dangerous results when it comes into direct contact with many of the extremely valuable phytochemicals contained in fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbal extracts.  It makes good common sense to avoid as much as possible. Back to TOP


In the ancient alphabet the letter Zayn represented the powers of probability functioning in the journey of spirit into matter.

Numerous scientific studies reflect the importance of oxygen in treating diseases and its role in fighting free radicals in our bodies.The Zayn product combines the best of oxygen and purified water with vital minerals, amino acids, humic and fulvic acids and enzymes in an easy to use (and travel with) liquid form that can be dropped into pure spring or other purified water or juice to enhance your body’s ability to fight disease organisms and to maintain a balanced and vital immune system. Back to TOP



Water Truths:

We live on a water planet and each of us enters our life in a water environment at birth and in that beginning moment are 90% water ourselves! As we age our water levels typically decrease- and most people are around 70% water. As we age we continue to lose water and at the end of our lives we are 50% water. Water is an essential element for life!

For the most part the human race has not respected the gift and value of water. Just as how stress negatively impacts our human health, with 80% of all health issues directly or indirectly connected to stress, also the Earth herself is stressed and water has memory!

Without clean, vital, structured water life will not continue on earth.

We must stop polluting our environment. Toxic wastes, war, toxic thoughts and words, pollution and plastics all are destroying the essential divine qualities of water and our ability to heal and survive.

The bottled water industry is contributing to the pollution of our planet and to ill health through their use of plastics that end up in our oceans and landfills. Selling of bottled water, where people are paying more for water per liter than for gasoline is not right! This is not sustainable!!

An esoteric and ancient historical perspective:

Back in the 1930’s there were ancient plates/tablets, called “the Ilat-Litum, that were discovered in Antarctica.

These ancient tablets were translated into High German by a group of Tibetan Monks residing in Germany and have recently been retranslated into English.

Here is an excerpt: “the humans will know one day that water is a medium of the gods- our gods-it is the universal divinity! You can talk to water; water fills the space between the stars in its most precious form- as ice! For that reason humans build their temples and churches nearby water….”

Many of you may be familiar with the amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto ( ) and his books and videos concerning “the hidden messages in water”. Dr. Emoto and many of his supporters are doing wonderful work around the planet to heal our waters and thus all life.

One of the most important documentaries, on water, that we have ever seen has recently been posted on the internet- we recommend it highly! See: .

Water is indeed amazing and vital to our health both personal and planetary.

We are very delighted to announce our newest product- the Kangen Water™ Ionizer, the world’s finest water ionizer technology, produced by the Enagic® Corporation from Japan. ( Kangen means “return to origin”- what a beautiful concept!

In our experience of researching every ionizer produced across the planet, we have found nothing that can compare to the quality of this Kangen Water™Ionizer by Enagic®.

Vital Living is an independent distributor for this amazing water ionizer. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about Enagic®, this vital water ionizer and the incredible opportunity for you to move into mental, physical and financial health and vitality:

For detailed information, questions or for ordering please contact Paul at: or call 802-497-1249. I look forward to sharing water with you!

“This website has been produced by Vital Living, LLC. an independent Enagic® Distributor. Kangen Water™ and Enagic® logo are the registered trademarks of Enagic® USA.”









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