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Vita Biosa, body PH and cancer
Liver Cancer
Another Concerning Fibromyalgioa

Vita Biosa, body PH and cancer
3 months ago I experienced flu symptons, which in fact the flu was going around. I could not get rid of. Over time, i lost 25 pounds within 6 weeks, I lost muscle tone, I would choke when I ate, so I ate cottage cheese, yogurt, and that type of thing. But then I would get a bad pain in the middle of rib cage and would shoot to back. it was relieved with Alka -Seltzer. After seeing Doctor after Doctor, I had endoscopy, gall bladder scan, 3 different types of blood work, x-rays, ct scan, ecogram for the heart, ekgs. They finally found a a tissue mass in my upper left brocnchio lobe. And so they determined that it was probably lung cancer and wanted to do more a biopsy and more tests. Because I have never been a person to see Doctor's, and ,my regular routine consisted of vitamsins, healthy foods, exercise, i decided to do research on alternatives for cancer treatments, instead on conventional means.

In doing so, I came across a website for Dr. James Howerstein, who won the Nobel Prize for Body ph balance., and the importance of maintaing the body's ph. How to rid of cancer cells if they are active by using ph agents into the system. I purchased Body ph test strips, and Vita-Biosa, using Dr. Howerstein theory. My ph was at 3.5, I took one tablespoon of Vita-Biosa, and went to spleep. I woke up, coughing up fleam and continue for the next 4 hours every so often to do so. When I woke up the next day, I voice was clear, I was so hungry, I ate all day long, slept for most of the day, the pain had subsided to an achy pain, and my ph is back to 6.9 and ranging to 7.1, I hope I am on the road to receovery, I still can week, but I sleep good, no pain, and my appetite is very good.

The only thing was my mouth would water all day long and I had medicine sour taste. I've noticed that wating salt has reduce that effect. I jsut want to say that Vita-Biosa could be definetely, use as treatment for possible cancer, or other illneess. it really helped me.

- Linda

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Liver cancer
On the subject of cancer and Vita Biosa use, this is a testimonial from Mr. Wilfried Müller, of Hamburg.

“In August 2002, I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver.

Following the recommendation of Mr. Niels Wandler I started to consume Vita Biosa three times a day, before my regular meals. Towards the end of September I commenced chemotherapy, and after consultation with my cancer specialist I continued consuming Vita Biosa in conjunction with the chemotherapy.

“I coped really well during chemotherapy and did not experience any side effects.

“Following the completion of the chemotherapy, I continued with frequent consumption of Vita Biosa. So far, since the diagnosis of my cancer, I have yet to experience any further deterioration in my health, and my overall condition, I must admit, is good.

“When I heard that an acquaintance of mine was suffering from serious prostate cancer as well as poor blood, I told him about Vita Biosa and encouraged him to contact Niels Wandler. Following his consumption of Vita Biosa for two months, his blood improved. After six months, his overall physical health was surprisingly good. He is now able to enjoy the same bicycle rides that he enjoyed before his diagnosis, and is enjoying life again.

“I can highly recommend Vita Biosa to anyone. Also, I would be happy to answer any questions about my experience with Vita Biosa. I am very grateful to have met Niels Wandler and to have regained my good health.”

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Testimonial appeared in the German publication Vitality Newsletter, August 2003, to the effects of drinking Vita Biosa from a person suffering from fibromyalgia.

Only a couple days after starting to drink Vita Biosa, the continuing tiredness disappeared, the muscle pains were reduced and my general well-being improved.”

Another testimonial concerning fibromyalgia.

“After drinking Vita Biosa for 14 days (3 x 10 ml. daily, just before the principal meals), my general well-being deteriorated. I continued drinking Vita Biosa, however, and about two days later my well-being suddenly improved and today I’m feeling great."

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